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Press Release

Fake Bang Golf Products being sold in Korea, Japan and the USA!

Fake Bang Golf Clubs

주의 한국 뱅 골프 클럽 사용자와 고객! 현재 회사 (뱅 골프 코리아)는 한국에서 우리의 상표를 사용 하 여 및 판매 방 터무니 없이 높은 가격에 당신에 게 가짜 제품. 이들은 방 미국 골프 제품! 우리는 2000 년 이후 사업에 왔다. 그들은 우리의 이름을 도난 있다. 우리는 돌아가야 우리의 이름을 지구상에서 최고의 게임 플레이 골프 제품을 공급 하고있다. 한국에서 또는 미국에서 저희에 게 서 직접 구매 하는 유통 업체에 직접 문의 하시기 바랍니다. 공인 빵 딜러와 미국 및 한국에서 유통 업체 연락처:

ATTENTION KOREAN BANG USERS AND CUSTOMERS! At present there is a company (Bang Golf Korea) using our trademark in Korea and selling Bang knockoff products to you at ridiculously high prices. These are NOT Bang USA golf products! We have been in business since the year 2000. They have stolen our name. We are trying to get our name back to supply you with the finest playing Bang Golf products on the Planet. Please contact us directly for distributors in Korea or to purchase direct from us in the USA. Contact:

The 2016 SUPER Bang-O-Matic!

To be released by end of February 2016!

The new for 2016 SUPER BangOMatic Driver will be available to golfers by the end of February. This long awaited SUPER Driver by loyal Bang Golf product customers features very high MOI with the Bang 'waves' on the crown that produces more stable ball flight and direction on mishits and heel/toe hits. The BangOMatic line of golf clubs are the best selling component line up in the history of the golf component business! We fully expect this extremely long and forgiving SUPER BangOMatic Driver to continue to be a Super seller as well.

All interested parties that want to prebook and prepay will get an additional 10% discount if order is placed before February 15th. for more info

Scott Smith takes 2nd Place at 2015 World Long Drive Championships

11/16/15 Press Release

Bang Golf Staff member Scott Smith finishes in 2nd Place at the recent World Long Drive Championships to Jason Zuback, who is a 5 time World Open Division Champion. Scott's 2nd Place finish was his best finish ever in the World LD Championships. Scott was extremely happy with the 'feel' and quality of his Bang golf clubs he used for his Finals Duel with Jason. Scott was quoted, "I gained at least 15 yards with my Bang Clubs. I am very pleased with my Bang clubs".

Scott Smith signs with BANG GOLF Company!

Bang Golf is pleased to announce: Scott Smith as a Bang Staff Member

Scott Smith, RE/MAX record holder hitting Bang, is back with Bang Golf Company. Bang is very pleased with Scott's decision to represent Bang Golf at the World Long Drive Championships that will start the 2nd week of October, 2015.

In April of this year Steve Almo, original founder of Bang Golf with Chris Fu, returned to Bang Golf after 10 years and selling Geek Golf which Steve created in 2005. Steve was quoted as saying, "We intend to get BANG back to it's original roots with new and exciting product. Our main goal is to be Long, Loud and Proud! That will be accomplished.

First up: The SUPER Bang-O-Matic! Stay tuned for more info. SOON! You may call Steve or email Steve if interested in The SUPER Bang-O-Matic project

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