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Apparels    Bang Windbreakers
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 Bang Windbreakers, Water-Proof, Long Sleeves - WBREAKERL

Bang Windbreakers, Water-Proof, Short Sleeves - WBREAKER

Bang windbreakers of all colors come with sizes of XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. They are made of top grade silk-like materials, 80% polyester 15% nylon, with an inner layer made of 100% nylon. This makes the windbreaker water-proof and keeps you comfortably warm in the wind. The material is machine washable, and is very durable. There are two pockets on each side, and one chest pocket on the left with zipper for keeping important small items.


SKU Product Name Unit MSRP*
CBB-L Beige Beige Wind breaker Large $37.95
CBB-M Bang Beige Wind Breaker Medium $37.95
CBB-S Bang Beige Wind Breaker Small $37.95
CBB-XL Bang Beige Wind breaker XL $37.95
CBB-XS Bang Beige Wind Breaker XS $37.95
CBB-XXL Bang Beige Wind breaker XXL $37.95
CBB-XXS Bang Beige Wind Breaker XXS $37.95
CBB-XXXL bang Beige Wind Breaker XXXL $37.95
CBK-L Bang Black Wind Breaker Large $37.95
CBK-M Bang Black Wind Breaker Medium $37.95
CBK-S Bang Black Wind Breaker Small $37.95
CBK-XL Bang Black Wind Breaker XL $37.95
CBK-XS Bang Black Wind Breaker XS $37.95
CBK-XXL Bang Black Wind Breaker XXL $37.95
CBK-XXS Bang Black Wind Breaker XX-Small $37.95
CBK-XXXL Bang Black Wind Breaker XXX Large $37.95
CBR-L Bang Red Wind Breaker Large $37.95
CBR-M Bang Red Wind Breaker Medium $37.95
CBR-S Bang Red Wind Breaker Small $37.95
CBR-XL Bang Red wind breaker XL $37.95
CBR-XS Bang Red Wind Breaker XS $37.95
CBR-XXL Bang Red wind breaker XXL $37.95
CBR-XXS Bang Red Wind Breaker XXS $37.95
CBR-XXXL Bang Red wind breaker XXXL $37.95
CBY-L Bang Yellow Wind Breaker Large $37.95
CBY-M Bang Yellow Wind Breaker Medium $37.95
CBY-S Bang Yellow Wind Breaker Small $37.95
CBY-XL Bang Yellow Wind Breaker XL $37.95
CBY-XS Bang Yellow Wind Breaker XS $37.95
CBY-XXL Bang Yellow Wind Breaker XX-Large $37.95
CBY-XXS Bang Yellow Wind Breaker XXS $37.95
CBY-XXXL Bang Yellow Wind Breaker XXX-Large $37.95
* MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) posted here is for North America market only. Overseas retail prices may vary.
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