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Bang-O-Matic Driver

539 Yard World Long Drive Record Holder. Golf Digest Recomended Product 2005.

Bang-O-Matic Driver also holds the woman's world long drive record of 362 yards, and junior's world long drive record of 400 yards. Bang-O-Matic driver has won 6 world long drive championships since its debut in 2004. It is the first driver featuring the Flow Alignment (FA) System technology design. The 401cc version also comes with different colors of pink, black, burgundy and navy blue.

Mellow Yellow SQUARE Driver

Bang Tested Longest Driver. 2008 New Models.

The 2nd generation of Mellow Yellow by Bang Golf, in addition to the FA (Flow Aliment) System technology used for other Bang drivers, MY-SQUARE maximizes the FA System function that not only re-concentrates the stick energy to 97.7%, but also provides the solid high pitch (Loud and Proud) hitting sound. The structural design of the lower profile with the CG (center of the gravity) at the back of the crown provides the best performance to make the ball fly straight and far.

BangStorm Drivers

2006 World Long Drive Champion Winner.

The BangStorm 460cc Beta-Titanium Driver is designed with an extra large face and a higher center of gravity for lower loft degree and gradually changed into lower center gravity towards to the higher loft degrees. This new design gives you an extra large sweet spot on the club face without core lines, while reducing the spin and launch angle in order to get more distance and forward rolling. The deep multi-color blue finish that fades to black is simply beautiful to look at and will give you the positive confidence at setup.

Bangster Driver

2006 World Long Drive Championship Finalist.

Bangster driver is the first one in the golf industry that uses 100% beta titanium to construct the whole body of the driver head, which results in the perfectly even hardening of the whole driver during the heat treatment process. It also features TICN face treatment, which raises the surface hardness level 2.75 times more than those of untreated faces, and also gives the hitting face a dark shining appearance. Bangster driver has a maximum energy transfer for a longer drive.

Mellow Yellow Driver

Golf Digest Recommended Product 2003.

Mellow Yellow driver was the first driver to bring color to the golf industry and awakened the color consciousness of the golfers. It has a pear shape combined with a low profile face that gives golfers an easier and smoother swing. Mellow Yellow driver is the first in the golf industry to introduce higher loft up to 18°. Mellow Yellow quickly becomes the most popular product after its debut in 2002 and was endorsed by Golf Digest on the Golf Digest Hot List 2003.

Big Bang Driver

2003 World Long Drive Champion Winner.

The Big Bang 450 is made from SP700 Beta Titanium with a dark blue finish. The Big Bang is USGA conforming driver and it was the mostly used driver in the 2002 and 2003 RE/MAX world long drive competition. It won the 2003 woman's world championship in the 2003 RE/MAX world long drive championship of 332 yards, and it also holds the LDA lady's world long drive record. This is one of the Bang Golf's best selling products.

Bang-O-Matic Hybrids

Full Series From #1 To LW. Tom Garber's Highest Recommendation.

The Bang Hybrid is now re-introduced as a full hybrid loft line-up based on the great success of the previous Bang Hybrid products. It features FA system technology for perfect trajectory, and a lower center of gravity to help launch the ball in the air quicker and easier than most hybrids on the market today.

Bang-O-Matic CenterCut Irons

Forged and CNC Milled.

The Bang-O-Matic CenterCut Iron/Wedge series is the only iron/wedge product series that extends from #0 to XW for both handed in the whole golf industry throughtout the golf history ever. It also features a revolutionary innovation in the design that differs from cavity, blade or muscle back. It is made of forged soft metal with CNC milled face and back.

Classic I TourTools Irons

Golf Digest 2008 Hot List Selected Product.

The Tour Tools Classic I iron contains a full range of loft degrees from #1 to #9, PW, DW and SW. It is made of soft steel and can be easily bent to adjust to the desired loft or lie up to 5 degrees. The soft material gives a better ball touching and control. The none-offset hosel and the low profiled face provide a more forgiving functionality and a more durable playability.

Bang-O-Matic CADET Putter

CADET Technology with Interchangeable Faces and Weights.

CADET putter has 3 different hardness interchangeable face inserts allow golfers to control their ball speed while using the single putter and shall maintain their usual method of putting. The red face insert has a soft feel and gives the slowest ball speed. The white face insert is medium in hardness and generates an increased ball speed. The blue face insert is the hardest and provides the fastest ball speed.
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